Ghosts in the Wall

This abstract, surreal series employs a documentary approach in the sense that I am a hunter/gatherer waiting for a photograph to reveal itself to me.
I capture the betwixt existence of characters embedded within the poster mash-ups on public walls - layers of commercial ads randomly torn and scraped away in preparation for a new poster. They reveal a strong and beautiful juxtaposition of line, colour and form. Occasionally these paper murals hanging in limbo unveil more - expressive faces and figures, crying out from between the torn layers unaware they are to be obliterated by the next layer of advertising.

The images have the feel of a digitally altered photo even though the aleatoric process in which they are formed is created naturally - through environmental decay and human intervention. Waiting to be discovered before their inevitable burial and demise, I’ve been searching out these lost souls with my camera for the last five years.